Wednesday, November 28, 2007

"Let's Go Fly A Kite"

Another video from Thanksgiving weekend in Rehoboth...

Scene 1: The first kite is one that I hung onto for years and moved from home to home (much to Jill's chagrin). The sticks were long since lost and had been replaced using tape and some clever whittling. In any case, a strong wind and some Zander magic got it up and away.

Scene 2: Zander playing with the tail after I pulled the downed kite from the ocean. (Homemade sticks and gusty wind are NOT the right recipe). Determined to actually fly for awhile, I switched over to a more modern and healthy kite which...

Scene 3: you can see, flew remarkably well.

What this video doesn't show you is Scene 4, which was the 1/2 hour that it took for us to reel the kite back in. Who knew how hard it is to pull on kite string that has that much tension on it?

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