Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A Proud Moment

Zander had his first-ever dentist appointment earlier this week. I know, I know, 3.5 years old is late for a first visit. But really, I've read all sorts of conflicting things on the right age to take children to a dentist.

Anyway, it couldn't have gone much better. There was no wait in the office (a pet peeve of mine). The staff was warm and professional. The pediatric dentist (who was referred by Zander's teacher) was fantastic. She had Z believing that the chair was actually a ride, his teeth were getting tickled and then having a bubble bath, etc. Most of my questions were answered before I could even ask them. (This is quite rare. My husband often says that I "pepper" people with questions. This experience with the dentist just shows that I wouldn't have to bombard people with questions if they offered up the right information in the first place.) But, I digress.

Z is a big-time thumb sucker. This was great when he was an infant since we never had to reinsert a pacifier late at night or panic if we didn't have one with us. However, not so great at 3.5 years old. The dentist said not to worry...yet. There is no change in his jaw structure or mouth due to the thumb sucking and it really doesn't become an issue unless it continues when permanent teeth come in.

The dentist said that his teeth had excellent "spacing." I was especially proud at that moment because I know he got the spacing from me.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, I sucked my thumb until I was 28 years old and never needed braces so I say, keep suckin' Z! (yes, I realize the irony of having a dad who's a shrink and sucking my thumb until I was 28)