Sunday, December 30, 2007

100 Energy

Apologies for the drought in posting recently.

We’ve been busy preparing for a big birthday party for Brad’s mother. In the many years that I’ve known her, she has barely let us acknowledge that she even *has* a birthday, much less have a party. But this year she is letting us throw a New Year’s Eve / Birthday Bash in her honor.

I had hoped to tie up some loose ends this evening, but my friggin’ child is still awake. Seems while I was out shopping for a dress for tomorrow night’s festivities, Z went down for a nap a little late (about 2:00pm) and slept until 5:00pm. We knew he wouldn’t be tired enough to go to bed at 8:00pm, so we pushed it a later and here he is – still awake at 10:45pm! Never again I tell you. Never again.

Much like this post, but slightly more sophisticated, here are the myriad of reasons that Zander “can’t” go to sleep:

“I have 100 energy.”

“I’m scared.”

“It’s too dark.”

“My clock is waking me up. It’s too light.”

“I have to go poo-poo and the poo-poo might take a long time to come out.”

“I need you mama.”

“If I sleep now, I’ll have to stay awake all tomorrow because I’ll have so much energy.”

“Bedrooms aren’t good places for me to sleep. I have to sleep in playrooms.”


Simona said...

Very cute. I'd say "I need you mama" is the most compelling reason :).

JCB said...

Testing, testing, one-two-three.

JCB said...
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