Thursday, December 20, 2007

Three years old or 13 years old?

A week or so ago before Z went to bed and before "book" time, he said something about wanting to be in his room alone and went in there and closed the door! Brad and I were suspicious. Brad peeked in and he was sitting by his closet with a mischievous look on his face. Still not sure what he was doing. Three or 13?

Earlier that same day Brad and I were in our bedroom and called to Z who was in his room. He responded, "What guys?" Three or 13?

And here's my personal favorite -- this exchange occurred at dinner the other night, after Z intentionally dropped a piece of food on the floor. (Seems that if he doesn't want a particular food, he feels strongly that said food should NOT be on his plate at all.)

Zander: "Pick it up mom."

Me: "You dropped it. Your job is to pick it up."

Zander: "My job is to look at it [pause]...with a magnifying glass. Your job is to pick it up for me."

Three, 13, or maybe just a wise ass? (He did eventually pick it up himself. I'm not a total pushover).

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