Thursday, December 6, 2007

Two Stories: The Refrigerator and The Globe

The Refrigerator:

My mom is visiting for Hanukkah. Prior to her arrival, she asked that we make some room in the refrigerator so there is a place to put things that she cooks when she is here.

Me [opening the fridge]: "Mom, we made room for you in the refrigerator, see?"

Zander: "Grandma is going in the refrigerator?!!"

The Globe:

After dinner we proceed to light the menorah for the 3rd night of Hanukkah (which Zander had been begging to do all evening). Actually, let me back up....

Some months ago my mom expressed interest in getting Z a globe. She found one online that seemed appropriate and ordered it. It arrived here a few weeks ago. I unboxed and and wrapped it so it was ready to go for Hanukkah.

As I was saying, after dinner tonight, we light the menorah. I bring down the biggest gift (the globe) and Grandma Susan presents it. Zander quickly tears off the paper, takes one look and starts to cry. And I mean a full-blown, full-scale meltdown. "That's not the present that I want!" "I just want a toy!" "I don't want that globe!" "I already have one." (This is true, but the one he has happens to be a mini-globe that I got at the Target "Dollar Spot." The one my folks gave him is a standard-size, very nice globe.) It continued, "I want another present!" He even kind of pushed the globe away and back at my mom!

To Grandma Susan's credit, she said something about having a feeling this might happen and said we should go ahead and give him another gift. Both Brad and I felt strongly that giving him another present was not something we were going to do at that point in time.

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