Thursday, December 27, 2007

What were we thinking?

These photos were also found when I started the project that I will probably never finish, mentioned here.

I must have been 12 years old (or just turning 13) because I remember that my super-cool cousin from Los Angeles was coming to Florida for my Bat Mitzvah and there she is in the photo being super-cool talking to her friends back in L.A. (Today, that very same super-cool cousin lives in San Francisco, has a six-month old, and hair that is only one color. She and I talk almost every day.) And yes, that's me and my hair is naturally that curly.

I'm not sure what's worse in this first photo -- what I'm wearing or what I was making (presumably to wear)! Anyone else remember "puffy paint?"

For some reason, in these next photos, we put my hamster (named Aliwishes) down my shirt and THAT is what we are looking at. Not quite sure why we would put a rodent down my shirt, but that's another matter. In the years that followed, my cousin and I did a lot of things that are questionable.

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Melissa and Peter said...

Puff paint was the big fashion trend prior to the bedazzler!