Friday, August 31, 2007

Our house-sitter

Well, we're off to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware for the long weekend to visit Brad's mother and stepfather. Joining us will be Brad's younger sister, her husband, and their two boys, ages six and two. The highlights for Zander are likely to be sharing a room with his older cousin and a trip to Funland.

If you know where we live, don't even think about breaking in because Michael Vick is house- sitting for us. Not even funny, I know, I know.

On Being Organized

Some people tease me about being uber-organized in this parenting role (and elsewhere in my life). And while it's true that there are times I am making labels to 'escape', I came across this Washington Post piece that pretty much sums up (better than I ever could have) my theories on WHY I go to such lengths to keep on top of things. Here are a few snippets...

Being organized allows you to feel ready for everything, including the surprises and criseses, which is really part of being a mom. There's a great sense of calm and readiness that frees you to hone in on that frantic moment without so much anxiety. Feeling prepared as a mom made me feel confident and more fully present....It also allows you to create blocks of time for yourself.

And this little nugget that could be my mantra:

If your bag isn't packed and ready the night before, your whole day can be lost in the morning scramble. You're so much better off if you're able to grab your bag and kids and walk out the door instead of having to stop and go, "Where are my keys?" or "Where'd I put their homework?"

It helps to have your bag system down pat. You need to know what to have with you at all times. Every night, you should check your stock and see what you need so that you're not stuck trying to do inventory when you should be walking out the door. Getting yourself and the kids ready -- whatever your pre-leaving the house ritual is -- take prescience. You can't just wing it -- if you try, you'll have nothing but chaos.

Now if I could only tackle the towering "To Be Filed" stack.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Please don't report us to Child Protective Services

He put these on of his own free will the night-before-last. All we did was get out the camera. We're not encouraging cross-dressing per se, just not discouraging it either.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

For the "I-don't-think-so-Brad" files

In all seriousness, my husband suggested that since there are more of the male variety in our house than there are women, the default setting for the toilet seat should be up -- that I should actually put it up. NOT!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

"Getting What I Deserve" for Halloween

So, before I explain this, I'd like to give history of Zander's Halloween costumes.

For his first Halloween in 2004, he was about five months old. Originally, I had bought him a silly chili pepper costume, which looks much cuter on that store-bought baby. :) However, turns out that my talented sister-in-law, Erin, had made an incredible skunk costume, already worn by her two boys (Ben and Nathan) and they sent it to us for Zander. For his next Halloween in 2005, I thought I was clever and scooped up a costume that a parent was selling on DC Urban Moms. It sounded good at the time. Not a great idea, as you will see from the photos. Finally a few months before Halloween in 2006, I asked Zander what he wanted to be. He said, "A firefighter." I asked him over and over in the months that followed and he always said "A firefighter." So, I went out and found a costume. It all went pretty well.

I recently asked him what he wanted to be this year. He said, "A firefighter." Hoping he would change his mind so I could shop for a new costume, I KEPT asking him what he wanted to be. He kept saying, "I told you Mama -- a firefighter!" Night before last I thought I'd be clever and show him some costumes in a catalogue we had just gotten in the mail. I then asked him what he wanted to be this year, and he said "A butterfly. I want to be a butterfly," and pointed to this Pottery Barn Kids costume. It's actually pretty cute except that it's obviously made for a girl and, um, costs $89.

So, I got what I deserved. Hoping he will change his mind back because there ain't no way Brad is going to okay the butterfly.

2004, 2005, and 2006, respectively...

A blast from the past...

Hard to believe this was our little guy just a few years ago (in November 2004 at five months old).

Monday, August 27, 2007

3rd Birthday Party

A test uploading photos...

This one was taken at Z's 3rd birthday party (early June 2007).

Our Little Thespian...

This is a test of the video function. This video is from the Kiddie Country Spring 2007 Program. Kiddie Country is the wonderful school/daycare that Zander attended before we moved from Burke to McLean. Zander is in the striped shirt and one of his favorite friends, "Elizabeth," is standing to his left. Oh and they are wearing funny hats that are supposed to be dogs.

Well, since everyone else is doing it...

...seems fitting that we do too. Welcome to our blog where we will opine on our lives, family, friends, parenting, and just about everything else.