Sunday, January 20, 2008

Gymnastics and Ear Tube Update

In case anyone was wondering (after this post), our excursion to remedial gymnastics yesterday actually went quite well. It took me a while to convince Zander that he wasn't going to have to go into "Slava's class" alone, but once that hurdle was passed, we both had a great time.

Z much preferred the instructor of this class (Ms. Leena). She learned the children's names and engaged them constantly throughout. It also didn't hurt that he excelled at everything, probably since he was the oldest child in the class by about a year.

In other news, unfortunately, the stubborn ear tube is still well-situated in Z's ear (as mentioned here). So, we're all set for a 10:30am surgery tomorrow morning to have it removed. I'm feeling a bit better about it, due in part to thoughtful well-wishers (thanks!) and since posting to the parenting listserv of all listservs, DC Urban Moms and Dads. I received a number of replies from parents whose children had been through similar procedures and all went fine.


PortraitPlaytime said...

Thanks for the update, I've been wondering all weekend. I hope all goes well today!

Andy said...

By the way, Coral tells me that not only does Slava not know any of the kids names she usually can't understand what he's saying. However, she still loves gym class!

We're glad to hear Zander's doing fine.

JCB said...

Sure Andy -- rub it in. I saw Coral doing flips on those rings... ;) - JCB