Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year and Happy Birthday Grandma Paula!

As I mentioned a few days ago, we held a New Year’s Eve party to welcome 2008 and celebrate my mother-in-law’s birthday (which is today, January 1st). Everything went swimmingly due in large part to the high-end caterer secured by Brad’s stepfather. Brad’s oldest sister and her family (mentioned in this post) put on quite a show full of songs, slide shows, toasts, and more. It was a memorable evening in honor or a memorable woman.

As anticipated, the children didn’t last long at the party and were gone by 8:30pm or so, which is when I started drinking. Right before Zander left the party (in good hands with Tine), he said something about wanting to go to sleep “right here.” So he tried.

"Right here" was unfortunately the marble floor in front of the entrance to the party. But Tine soon coaxed him up and they headed home. I only worried a tiny bit. In fact, I said I’d call to check-in and I forgot to do so (see “when I started drinking” above).

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