Thursday, January 3, 2008

I'm no fashion plate, but are these for real?

I went to get my haircut last weekend and the 'stylist' plopped down the latest issue of French Vogue Collections in my lap as if it was gold. Now, it's been years (or never) since I really followed fashion and even then I wasn't going to win any best-dressed awards. No problem though, he's blow-drying my hair and I've got nothing better to do, so I dig in. (Now that I think about, maybe giving me a hint?)

Anyway, I come across the pages with the shoe collections. Of course, I expect some outlandish designs and/or super-high heels. Take, for example, either of these pairs of boots. Not something I would buy, but not off the radar:

But THESE really caught me off guard:

WTF? Are they shoes?

You can see them better at the designer's fancy website. The photos are clearer and actually make some sense. Unfortunatley, I can't link directly to the page. If you're interested, go to Marc Jacobs -> Marc Jacobs Collections ->Shoes -> Spring 2008 Women's.

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