Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A Germane Joke (and some alliteration to go with it)

I'm not 100% sure where I got this joke. But I just came across it for the umpteenth time and it seems germane in light of yesterday's reference to being an overprotective Jewish mother and our recent foray into children's extracurricular activities. The joke is credited to Isaac Asimov, likely from his book, A Treasury of Humor.

The teller of the joke explains he has a friend, a mother with a three year old child, who herself always wanted to take ballet class but was forced by her parents to study the trombone. The teller of the joke comments that she will certainly have learned her lesson when it comes to her own child, and the mother responds: "Oh certainly, it's ballet no matter what."

P.S. Lest anyone think I am smarter than I am, I do not regularly go around citing Russian-born science fiction authors (who also happen to write joke books) - I totally had to Google Mr. Asimov. "Alliteration" I knew. "Germane" I had to double-check.

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