Friday, January 11, 2008

Kvetch: The Abuse of 'Handicapped' Parking Spots

This morning while at Starbucks, I witnessed two burly guys in a pick-up truck pull right into the only handicapped spot, hop out, get some coffee, and sit down inside to enjoy it.

Not sure why this bothers me, since it doesn't directly have anything to do with me, but I get so mad when I see people park in a "handicapped" spot without a licence plate or other tag indicating that need. It's something about the audacity of it. I can't park there -- why should they?! Don't they picture someone in a wheelchair drive up and look longingly at the full spot?

To make matters worse, my frustration is completely hypocritical of me since I break other 'laws' as I deem necessary (such as going over the speed limit (gasp!) or smoking crack). (Kidding on that last one.).

In fact, at that very Starbucks, I often park next to the reserved handicapped space, which is not even designated as a real parking spot. But, somehow parking in the handicapped space just seems worse. Or maybe I lead myself to believe it's worse so I can feel better about the laws I ignore?

Maybe I think too much. Or kvetch too much. Or both.

P.S. I realize that the word 'handicapped' is not P.C. these days, but it seemed so awkward to say "differently-abled parking spot."

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