Friday, January 4, 2008

This needs some explaining

Some close friends of ours drink raw milk. If I understand correctly, in order to do this legally in the state of Virginia, one has to own part of the cow that makes the milk. So, along with some other families from Zander's preschool, they participate in a cow share of sorts. Since one or two families were out of town during the holidays, they shared some of the milk with us so it would not go to waste.

It was in our refrigerator just like this when some family arrived before the festivities mentioned here and here. One of my nephews opened the fridge and said, "IS THAT BREAST MILK? DO YOU STILL DO THAT?"

That would be A LOT of fresh breast milk. Someone later pointed out that it is breast milk -- just from a cow. And no, I don't "still do that." Somewhat to my chagrin, Zander weaned himself when he was about 16 months old.

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