Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Facebook, Adulthood, and My Growing Maturity

At the risk of sounding like a geek or an old person trying to be cool, Facebook ROCKS! Despite what I said in this post, I'm starting to see what all the fuss is about regarding social networking sites.

Within the last month alone, I've heard from my "little sister" in the sorority I was in during my undergraduate years (yes, yes, I was in a sorority), a friend from high school who lived around the block from me, and an old boyfriend. (Actually, the old boyfriend thing was from LinkedIn, which is supposed to be a "business-oriented" social networking site for grown-ups.)

Too cool.

Don't get me wrong -- as I say all too frequently -- you couldn't pay me to do high school over again. Although I appeared pretty normal on the outside (or so I thought), adolescence was hard. The awkwardness, the angst, the body image issues, pretty much everything about it was hard for me.

But, now that I am so mature, I get to do fun things like this:

Went to a friend's house yesterday and while she was upstairs trying to get her four-month-old to nap, I would write things on their dry erase calendar (on the refrigerator in the kitchen) such as, "Kinky Sex Party" and "Advanced Kinky Sex Party."

It's great to be an adult.


Melissa and Peter said...

I think you wrote things such as "Kinky Sex Party" and "Advanced Kinky Sex Party" on the dry erase calendar on the front door of Everglades 800 (that would be the highly coveted Everglades 800) so you must have been a mature adult then too!

JCB said...

You're probably right. But the truth is MelHuf, it might have been true back then! Not really, mom. - JCB