Thursday, February 7, 2008


While I'm clarifying things, let me report today's NASTAR race results (in seconds):

Brad: 27.2o
Jill: 25.91

I'd say that you can go to the NASTAR site and search under our last names for proof, but Brad 'accidentally' misspelled his and, as a result, his results cannot easily be found.

The truth is that Brad is a much faster skier than I am, but for some reason, I can often beat him on this short, gated course. I'll take what I can get.

In other news, Z successfully took his first ski lesson this morning. It was a private lesson (thanks to our patrons, Grandma Susan and Grandpa Mickey) with his six-year-old cousin Ben. Together they walked off with their instructor, Colleen, and didn't look back. We think the success (as opposed to what happened with gymnastics) was due to a number of a factors, including the warm instructor and being with his older cousin.

We're getting cocky now though, because tomorrow we are considering trying the ski school itself, instead of a private lesson.

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