Friday, February 8, 2008


Yesterday was a spectacular day on the slopes.

We dropped Z off at ski school before 9:00am. He started to cry at first, but thanks to a quick-thinking staff person who whisked him away, the crying did not last long. The class was scheduled to go until 3:30pm, but we had anticipated picking Zander up after lunch and then taking him back to the condo for his usual 1:00-ish nap.

We checked in on him before noon and his instructor said he was having a blast – even said something about Z urging everyone to eat fast so they could get back to the magic carpet.

So, we decided to let him stay.

We checked back around 2:00pm and he was still going strong, so Brad and I went for another NASTAR run. And, oops, I beat him again, but I’m not going to rub it in. (As if posting to a public blog is not rubbing it in.) I even won a gold medal for my age group. Sure I might have been the only entrant in my age group, but does that really matter? A gold is a gold.

Regardless, we finally showed up to pick Zander up around 3:00pm and got to watch him ski a bit before he saw us. It was pretty amazing. Sure it wasn’t even a bunny hill – but there he was – our guy who always says it’s too cold or too hot or too hard or too easy – there he was skiing!

Of course, shortly after we picked him up he melted down because he wanted to go on a bigger hill and ski with us. Then he couldn’t walk in his ski boots and couldn’t carry his skis and was too cold and too tired. So, Brad carried my skis and poles, I carried Zander and his skis.

No matter. On the shuttle bus back he asked if he would be going to ski school tomorrow and I said, “That depends. Do you want to?” He said, “Yes.”

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