Monday, March 31, 2008

Against my better judgement

Against my better judgement (which some might say is an oxymoron) Brad took Zander to the Washington Nationals home opener last night. I was simply concerned that going to a baseball game at 8:00pm (Zander's usual bedtime), after a day that included his first soccer class and a sold-out Laurie Berkner concert, might be pushing it a bit.

Alas, both of my boys came home (at 11:30pm!) so excited, so thrilled, that sometimes it seems best to go against my judgement. Note that I said "sometimes" and in this case "sometimes" means "once."

And it wasn't just the home opening game, it was THE opening of Nationals Park.


Lisa said...

I heard the best part of that game was when bush threw out the opening ball (pitch?) and got booed! :)

JCB said...

Brad actually said that the booing was tempered (and somewhat minimized) for the occasion, but you're the 2nd person who has mentioned that. We have it on video, but I decided to post the clip of the racing presidents instead...