Sunday, March 16, 2008

Baby Loves Disco, Part I

Months ago, our friend Laura of 4M scored us tickets to Baby Loves Disco before it was sold out. What is Baby Loves Disco you ask? Here is some language about the event from their website:

Baby Loves Disco is slowly but surely transforming the hippest night clubs into child proof discos as toddlers, pre-schoolers and parents looking for a break from the routine playground circuit let loose for some post naptime, pre-dinner fun. Make no mistake, this is NOT the Mickey Mouse club, and Barney is Banned. Baby loves disco is an afternoon dance party featuring real music spun and mixed by real djs blending classic disco tunes From the 70s, & 80s guaranteed to get those little booties moving and grooving.

So, we went this past Saturday.

We had been talking it up with Z for a week or so even though we didn't really know what to expect. In fact, the other day on the way home from school he asked me if he could take his latest "project" with him to Baby Loves Disco. I said that probably wouldn't be a good idea because his latest project involved nails, bottle caps, and hammer (more on that soon). Zander said, "I know what I can take -- my disco moves!"

Here's a short clip of Zander's disco moves during some kind of "freeze" dance:

T0 be continued...

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