Monday, March 17, 2008

Baby Loves Disco, Part II

Continued from Part I, here.

Now, part of the whole schtick of Baby Loves Disco (mentioned here) is that they are held in the "hippest nightclubs." As I said more than once while I was there, I don't think I had been in any nightclub since Z was born, hip or not. (Someone, please, remind me if I am cooler than I remember!)

Regardless, there are a few challenges to holding a children's event in a club-setting. The organizers did a fine job of baby-proofing the interior, but decor of the club (The Rock and Roll Hotel) was hard to cover up. Given the age group, this probably wasn't much of a concern, but I thought it was amusing, so I took pictures of some of things that I thought one wouldn't find at, say, Gymboree.

When I mentioned this to Brad on the way home, he told me that he had covered up a sign for a band called "Holy F*ck." (The asterisk was not in the sign though.) And Zander can definitely sound that one out. Now, I'm not a prude (although I did just use an asterisk for a perfectly respectable vowel), or at least I don't *think* I am. Up until this point, I was truly more amused than offended. But, had I seen the "Holy F*ck" sign, I might have been offended.

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