Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Chopsticks, Vitamints, and Constructors

Some of Z's current and cutest mis-speaks...

Chopsticks. Sure, these are things we eat with and Z has a cute set all his own too. However, we introduced him to Chapstick a few months ago and now there is no telling the two apart. We don’t actually correct him directly when he says, “My lips are dry. I need some chopsticks.” And, yes, he pluralizes it. But, we will say, “Okay, here’s your Chaaaapstick.” Three seconds later: “Thanks for the chopsticks mom.”

VitaMINT. Every now and then we remember to give Zander a chewable vitamin (usually when we’re feeling especially guilty about all the sushi and chicken wings). He will always, always, call it a vitaMINT and always, always ask for a second vitaMINT.

Constructor. With our recent forays preschool gymnastics and ski lessons, we've been talking a lot about teachers and instructors. Just the other day Zander saw the pin (below) he got after “graduating” from his first ski lesson and he asked me the name of his Constructor.

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Levi Wallach said...

Heheh, I wonder if he's talking about a constructor set or a constructor as in an object oriented programming term? You might want to ask him ;-)

Zia has quickly gotten better about some of the things she mispronounces, but she still has trouble with some things. She calls cameras cRameras. But she also mixes idioms/phases a bit so you get stuff like "I'm a monster and I'm going to eat you all gone."