Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Glad I STILL don't take things personally

I just record them on a blog for future reference...

At dinner last week, Zander told us -- out of the blue -- how when parents argue, sometimes one parent goes to live someplace different and then the child gets to go visit that parent. He heard this from a child at school whose parents are separated. Then he said this:

"I want to live here with daddy and have mommy live someplace else." Well kid, you're welcome for squeezing you out of my you-know-what, months and months of nursing on demand, umpteen gallons of pumped milk, lost sleep, etc. Hmmph. Kids these days.

Brad quickly came the rescue and said he would be sad if I didn't live here b/c I'm his best friend (awwww) and then Zander said he would be sad too.


Melissa and Peter said...

You're more than welcome to come and live with me! I know you're a great roommate. Don't worry, my microwave has a preset popcorn button.

JCB said...

Thank MelHuf. Could I borrow your cloths too -- just for old times sake? ;)