Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Here Come the 123s

Here Come the 123s is the latest They Might Be Giants (TMBG) CD/DVD and we’re having a lot of fun with it in our house. We were eagerly awaiting the release of this CD (tells you how exciting our lives are) since we first heard their last children’s CD, Here Come the ABCs.

My personal favorite is a track called “Pirate Girls Nine.” Many children’s artists include a requisite song about pirates – but usually not one about girls! (If only they had this song when I was growing up, maybe I wouldn't kvetch. All. The. Time.)

Anyway, Zander likes to listen to the song “Infinity” over and over again. The first time he heard it, he asked how many zeros the number infinity had in it – three or four. I did my darnedest to explain, but found myself using words like “gazillion” and “katrillion” and gave up before I confused him.

Another of Z’s current favorites from this CD is “I Can Add.” There is a little segment where the band sings in Spanish, a verse Zander likes to repeat again and again. Let’s face it, “Dieceséis” is a fun word to say (and even more fun to hear a three-year-old sing it).

Here is a YouTube video of one of the track called, “Seven Days of the Week (Never Go To Work).” It’s silly but gives you a flavor of both the songs and the DVD, which are, um, silly and a whole lot of fun.

And if you can stand more, here is an amazon.com link to snippets of all 27 tracks.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jill,

We just so happened to have bought the CD/DVD last weekend. Zia seems to like it a lot, although we haven't listened to it alone, just watched/listend to the DVD. Zia is still kind of taking it all in, a bit mesmerized by the video. There are certain ones she definitely doesn't like, though, and infiniti, for whatever reason, is one of them, as The Secret Life of Six. The tunes, I think, are very catchy, although a lot of them seem to depart a good deal from standard They Might Be Giants tunage. Some of them seem so familiar to me already I almost wonder if they are using other songs a bit too much as and influence. Still, as with the ABC's, very listenable for adults, until about the 500th listen within the same year, at which point even these great tunes deserve a little rest :)

JCB said...

Hi Levi.

I agree about some of the tracks seem to be using other songs as influence quite heavily. The beginning of "ooh la ooh la" sounds like an old INXS (is that redundant?) song to me. And "813 mile car trip" sounds eerily familiar, but I can't place it. Still fun for us -- or maybe that's why they are fun.

Glad Zia is enjoying the DVD!
- Jill

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm actually listening to the CD for the first time and realized Infiniti isn't on the DVD. The one that Zia doesn't like on the DVD is the figure 8 one, which I assumed was what you were referring to!