Friday, March 28, 2008

More than you ever needed to know about a child's blanket

Zander loves himself some Taggies (as all the cool kids are saying now).

We have two of the exact same Taggies blankets (or so we thought), since I am anal careful like that. One day, after we thought we had surreptitiously switched them for routine cleaning, Z spread out the new blanket and excitedly said, "I got new tags!" Turns out the tags differ a bit from blanket to blanket.

We also have a Taggies book and a "school" Taggies, which is smaller and is left at...guess where? School! Truth is, Z doesn't really mind substituting the different versions. In fact, sometimes if he is tired in the car (or elsewhere) and Taggies is no where to be found, he'll just ask for something "soft" and any old t-shirt or even a towel will do.

I've heard of folks making their own version of Taggies, but that would require me to know how to sew, and I can't even sew on a button forgot that skill some years ago.

Yesterday, I got an e-mail from the Taggies company and I can't quite decide whether or not they've gone too far with a good thing or if these outfits and stuffed animals are really cute...

P.S. And for some photos of Zander with his beloved Taggies (different pattern than the one pictured above), see here and here.

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Susan said...

I think the frog represent a Passover plague frog.