Thursday, March 20, 2008

My First Meme!

Everybody sit down -- this is so exciting -- I've been tagged with my first "meme" thanks to wrekehavoc! A meme (rhyming either with dream or with the letter "m," depending on who you ask) is:

An idea that is shared and passed from blog to blog, such as a question posted in one blog and answered in many other blogs.

It was all I could do not to take the day off and do some research on how to do it right/perfectly (and then put off posting it because it's not right or perfect). I'm good at that. But, of course, I *had* to work. (Darn that menacing social insurance non-profit I work for -- might as well be a sweatshop, what with all the health insurance and retirement benefits they give us.)

Regardless, the meme in question is to post a favorite quote and then tag three other bloggers. I was going to go with "only the good die young," but figured that one was probably taken and besides, I'm not in high school anymore. So here goes...

I recently started reading the book, Protecting the Gift: Keeping Children and Teenagers Safe (and Parents Sane), by Gavin de Becker. (Okay, so I actually started reading it a few months ago and am still only half way through.) Regardless, this paragraph jumped out at me:

Don't ever wonder why women think about risk more often than men do. It is in the cells--and with good reason. Throughout human history, women have protected the children while men protected the village. As the primary caregiver, a new mother must be more than just a careful person, she must become an explorer who can find hazard no matter how cleverly it disguises itself. Little wonder then that mothers become creative geniuses at imagining frightening scenarios. Little wonder that they sometimes see the shadow of danger where there is no danger.

I like it not only because it justifies my every parenting neurosis, but mostly because it, um, justifies my every parenting neurosis. And makes me feel good about it too.

I tag these folks, most of whom are familiar with my general neurosis:

The McAlevey Family. The Internet home of one of my college roommates, who actually *still* talks to me after I accidentally left the oven on, left the door ajar over Thanksgiving break (although I dispute the facts on that one), and did a variety of other nonsensical things no one should have had to live with. Granted she was the one who nuked the popcorn for so long that the building had to be evacuated until the firefighters could figure out the cause of the smoke.

4M. Another DC-area parent (and good friend) who also *still* talks to me after I 'accidentally' graffiti-ed the calendar on her refrigerator and despite the fact that her younger son looks at me and starts to scream. (And she can worry enough to qualify for an honorary jewish mother badge, if I don't say so myself.)


And the Beat Goes On. A brand new blogger and old friend from middle (!) and high school.


kristi said...

what an amazing honor - too bad you're my only blogger friend so you might just get tagged right back - speaking of which - I think I need to immediately go adjust some headers in my sidebar...

Melissa and Peter said...

I take full responsibility for almost burning down the Winston House. Jill - remember Joan at the front desk? Gotta run and figure out a good quote to post!

wrekehavoc said...

you done good, kid :)