Thursday, March 13, 2008

“New Gifts for New Babies”

Yesterday, a message with the subject line, “New Gifts for New Babies” showed up in my inbox from the store Red Envelope. I thought the subject line was somewhat amusing since -- what else is there -- “Gifts for Old Babies?" or "Old Gifts for Old Babies?" Maybe it's just my undergraduate journalism training coming through. (Finally. I knew it would be good for something!)

Regardless, I open the e-mail to see this:

That folks, is definitely NOT A NEW BABY! Just a few years ago, it was photos like this that caused a clueless first-time mother (who shall remain nameless) to shop and shop trying to find outfits that would make her frog-looking baby look this cute.

News alert: Newborns do not sit up. Heck, they don’t even smile unless they are passing gas.

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