Thursday, March 20, 2008

Uncle Kevin = Guitar Hero

Yesterday evening, we were treated to a somewhat impromptu visit from Brad's older sister, her husband, and their youngest child, who are visiting the DC-area for a few days. Their youngest child, who as you will see in this video, isn't so young. He is now over six feet tall, a sophomore in high school, and plays the electric guitar.

Uncle Kevin was an actor in an earlier life and is now a science teacher. Let's just say, I'm not sure who had more fun hanging out -- Zander or Kevin. Here is a clip of Kevin pretending Zander is his guitar with cousin Logan playing a real electric guitar in the background. Lots of silliness had by all.

(The messy shelves in the background at our neighbor's house, well ignore them. I keep telling those darn neighbors of ours to neaten up, but they don't listen!)

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