Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Boils! Hail! Lice! Darkness!

This is a "Hail" mask:

Let me explain. As part of Passover celebration, Jews typically recount the story of our exodus from slavery in Egypt (where Moses eventually parts the Red Sea). But before being allowed to leave, Moses (working with God, of course) brings ten plagues to the land of Egypt in an effort to convince the Pharoah to let the Jews leave. "Hail" is one of the plagues. Did you get all that? If you did, uh oh, now you're Jewish. Kidding.

Anyway, in an effort to make the seder fun for Zander, my mom picked up a full set of plague masks from her local grocery store. (In South Florida, Passover is BIG and they sell plague paraphernalia in the grocery stores.)

Zander loooooves his "Hail" mask. He wore it before the seder, during the seder, the following morning, before boarding the plane, while napping on the plane, etc. Here is a photo from the flight back:

And below are a few other photos from the seder.

My great Uncle Henry (92 years old) sporting his "Cattle Plague" mask:

My great Aunt Nettie showing off her "Lice" mask:

And my good 'ole gentile husband joining the fun with "Boils:"


kristi said...

Those masks are hysterical. I can barely even find Hanukah candles in Marin County - no less in a grocery store. Gotta love Florida.

JCB said...

I know! And in Publix no less. Plus, a few key establishments were *closed* for the Passover holiday. Amazing.