Monday, April 28, 2008

Brain, Child

When I first heard it, I thought Brain, Child was a strange title for a magazine. On the "About" page of their website, the founders try to explain what motivated them to start the publication:

There were plenty of outlets for child-rearing tips and expert advice, but not a source of smart writing that delved into the meatier issues of that life-altering experience: motherhood.

And this, from their "Mission Statement" page:

We aim to be down-to-earth, literary, commonsensical, neither too establishment nor too crunchy, funny, poignant, honest, respectful, irreverent, relevant, intelligent. We don't have any particular agenda, except to support thought and debate on topics of interest to mothers.

It's worth every penny to me and has become a favorite gift to give as well.

(This post brought to you as part of the never-ending NaBloPoMo, April 2008. Theme: Letters.)

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