Tuesday, April 1, 2008

"Go Teddy Roosevelt!"

Not something you expect to hear from a child in the 21st century at a baseball game, but as mentioned before, each Washington Nationals game features the Racing Presidents. Here is a short clip of Zander cheering for good 'ole Teddy.

This one is harder to explain. But, remember yesterday when I said that both Brad and Zander came home thrilled? Well, this video helps explain why. Seems it was the bottom of the ninth inning, a tie game, two outs, and the game was about to go into extra innings when Ryan Zimmerman hit the first Nationals home run (in the new ballpark) and ended the game with a Nats win. (Apparently in baseball ease this is called a "walk-off.") The Washington Post called it "A Storybook Ending."


kristi said...

Can you IMAGINE if you hadn't let him go?!

JCB said...

Good point!