Thursday, April 17, 2008

Making up words that fit

Zander sometimes makes up perfectly fine words that seem to fit the the situation, although they are not real words according to Merriam-Webster. These are in a different -- if only subtly -- category than the "mis-speaks" mentioned in this post. It's not that he mis-hears or can't pronounce the word in question. He just uses another. Some recent examples...

At breakfast:
Me: "Want some of my cereal?"
Zander: "I'll take a snedge of these."

While playing on one of those bouncing balls (like this one):
Zander: "If I don't hold on I might plonk back."

While eating lunch:
Zander: "Is that a new gop of ketchup?" [Referring to a new, differently-shaped bottle].

1 comment:

David said...

What about "oberdere" for "over there".