Thursday, April 3, 2008

NaBlo who?

I've joined something called NaBloPoMo, for reasons I'm not entirely sure yet. That is, I joined of my own free will, but it requires that I post to the blog every day. Well, not "requires." No one is going to come hunt me down if I fail to do -- except my guilt, of course. Let's note, for the record, that Brad isn't going to be thrilled about this idea, since he already teases me about spending too much time blogging.

Anyway, NaBloPoMo stands for National Blog Posting Month. The NaBloPoMo folks are kind enough to provide a broad theme for the posts. This month the theme is "letters." Any kind -- anything to do with -- however one sees letters.

It occurred to me that yesterday's post already had a piece of mail in it (aka a letter of sorts) with the scanned cover of the wonderful brochure, "Protecting Yourself from Disease Carrying Insects." So -- are you sitting down? I'm going to post about a piece of our mail every day for the next month!

Not really. Fear not, oh grandparents of Zander, I will work in photos and stories of the young one and use the letter theme as a back-up.

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