Sunday, April 6, 2008

Sterile Micro-Clean* Hood Convertors* [sic]

As the communications/marketing person at my office I receive some pretty interesting (to me at least) catalogues in the mail. To date, these have included everything from library products to event planning materials to crystal awards to paper products. All well and good.

However, not sure why I got "LABshop" in the mail last week. I'm almost wondering if someone out there signed me up as a joke. Anyone?

LABshop has items such as spectrophotometers (for $18,000), EDTA, Disodium Salt Dihydrate, Solution, (a bargain at $237.35 if you can use the stuff), and the Sterile Micro-Clean* Hood, Convertors* (a case of 125 for $600.48).

Couldn't find out what the asterisk means though, which is somewhat disconcerting if you're in the market for anything "micro-clean" in the first place. And "convertor" is a unique spelling, but maybe that's how it is done in lab settings. (It's usual spelling is c-o-n-v-e-r-t-e-r.) The write-up does say that the hoods are "puncture-resistant." Phew.

(Brought to you as part of NaBloPoMo, April 2008. Theme: Letters.)

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