Sunday, April 20, 2008

Surveillance update

Remember "Operation: Find-Out-Who-is-Peeing-on-Our-Newspaper?" Well, I thought it time for update, so here is a short video clip. It's riveting.

Obviously, I was kidding about the riveting part. And what does this show?

a) That we live on a pretty quiet street; and/or

b) That the perpetrator is onto us.

Truth is, we have three suspects:

1) An eccentric elderly woman whom we're not even sure knows she is walking her dog. Last time Brad ran into her she was walking the dog and it pooped right there at the foot of our driveway. She did not clean it up. Other than that, she's really quite nice.

2) The neighbor's teenage son who looks away from us whenever he sees us. (Although this could be because I am so hot it makes him uncomfortable.)

3) A nice gentleman who is so engrossed in reading his own newspaper that he probably wouldn't notice if his dog decided ours was his own personal fire hydrant.

So there you have it. Since we've set up, there haven't been any additional pee incidents and we're tired of watching boring video.

1 comment:

Lisa said...

Clearly, it's number two, you MILF, you!