Sunday, April 13, 2008

Thinking too much

Me, not Zander.

From this photo, you can't tell that for the hour before soccer class and for a good part of the class itself, Z is saying he is too tired (or too hungry or too sick or whatever) to participate. The same scenario played out last week when Brad took him as well. He seems to feel that he needs to know how to do something BEFORE trying it, which as you can imagine, makes trying anything a catch-22.

When he does venture out and take a turn, he does great (although we don't want to emphasize that too much because then the emphasis is on the outcome -- not the trying). The challenge, for me at least, is how to support Z without enabling or pushing, both of which I have been known to do. I don't care if he decides he doesn't care for soccer or gymnastics or sushi for that matter, but I do want him to try, to believe in himself and that he can do it (instead of starting from the opposite place). Sigh.

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