Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Could it be something else?

It all started when Brad called me from work saying he had either skunk smell or dog pee on his shirt from picking up our newspaper. He said the smell was so bad that he went to a nearby department store and bought a new shirt for the day.

Then, a few days later he had to change shirts before he left the house because of the same issue. Finally, this weekend, he looked before he picked up the newspaper. Came into the house and said, "There are yellow droplets of dog pee on our newspaper!"

He assumed that one of our neighbors was letting their dog pee on it. I suggested maybe it was a deer and then we got a good laugh out of the ball-sy and very smart deer who would come and urinate on the same newspaper each day.

Brad set up our video camera peering out the living room window down the driveway just to see who or what is behaving so un-neighborly. This is the set-up:

This is a close-up of the video camera that we have been setting each morning for a few days now:

This is the scene that it is recording:

So far, no dog, no neighbors, no deer. Just a very quite street early in the morning. Will let you know what -- if anything -- we discover.


Susan said...

Found a dead mouse at our kitchen door out to the garage. It wasn't there five minutes before. Can you investigate how it got there?

Perhaps your fouled newspaper is from sap from a tree.

JCB said...

I *know* how it got there! Reggie brought it home with him!

wrekehavoc said...

...and when you're done, can we borrow the camera for our mouse situation? we are totally freaked out. i am tired of cleaning.

Susan said...

I had a doctor pronounce the mouse dead and remove it from the premisies. Should I have saved it to entertain Zander next week?