Wednesday, May 7, 2008

More Sippy Cups and the Trash People

Last weekend we made a somewhat spur-of-the-moment decision to see The Sippy Cups in concert. (I'm so neurotic organized that we usually have tickets for these things months ahead of time.) We had seen them once before.

Luckily, we were able to get tickets and front row seats. And although the concert was good, Zander was tired (since he has had "too much energy" to nap as of late), and spent most of the show like this:

The biggest hit of the day for Z was "The Trash People." The concert was being held at the National Geographic headquarters in downtown D.C. and "The Trash People" is a temporary exhibit by artist HA Schult in the courtyard. The photos below don't do it justice. If you're in the neighborhood, check it out.

(And thanks again to Bay-area cousins Laura and Lisa for introducing us to The Sippy Cups.)

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