Monday, May 26, 2008

"Pretend you don't know"

Zander is in the midst of some odd phase where he asks that we pretend we don't know things. It usually goes like something like this:

Zander goes and hides in a big box and then says, "Pretend you don't know where I am and try to find me." We then make a big deal out of saying, "Has anyone seen Zander?" He eventually pops out and laughs and laughs.

It's all amusing enough although I don't entirely get it. The other day he wrapped himself up in a rug in the dining room and was pretending it was a rabbit hole. He would say, "Pretend you don't know that I'm in the rabbit hole!"

And earlier that very same evening, he was jumping off of a couch (in the room we consider our 'office') onto an orange blanket, pretending the blanket was a pool. A fun game, sure. But, my job was to come in after I heard the loud "thud" from the jump and pretend that I didn't know what made said "thud." After the 7th time, it got a little old.

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