Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Brad and I were trying to have a conversation at dinner last night and Z interrupted for one reason or another. We usually remind him to say "excuse me" or something like that, but didn't quite get the chance...

Brad: "Mommy was in the middle of a sentence."
Zander: "Right snack dab in the middle of a sentence!"

There are few things funny about this.

  • I always say "right smack dab in the middle" of this or that. So, I asked Zander, "Where did you learn that?" And he pointed right to me!

  • He said "snack" instead of "smack." But then he explained with this: "Do you know why I said "snack" instead of "smack"...because I was chewing when I said it."

Okay, so that story wasn't easy to follow and maybe you had to be there. It was topped off at the end by Brad looking at me and saying, "There's a pen right behind you," because he deemed the exchange (what we have come to call) "blogworthy."

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