Friday, June 27, 2008

Of Splinters, Crowns, and Siblings

Two funny/interesting conversations with Zander recently:

1) Thursday morning he was telling me how his friend Champe needed to get a new pair of crocs because his current pair gave him splinters. I said, "You mean blisters." Zander said, "No, splinters." We went back and forth a few times when finally I explained that you get splinters from wood, not plastic shoes. He agreed and finally said, "Blisters."

2) During our (now routine) nightly after-dinner popsicle (see this post for more on popsicles) and after sticking his fingers deep in his mouth, Zander said, "I have a crown on that tooth and it's hurting." Guess Brad has been sneaking you off to have some pretty serious dental work done that I'm not aware of.

And here's a bonus one...

Yesterday evening, Zander came up to me and put his head under my shirt. This isn't actually a new thing. He does it quite often and then we play a game of "Has anyone seen Zander?! I don't know where he went." But this time he was facing toward my belly and said right into my belly button, "I love you little brother or little sister." Pretty darn sweet if you ask me.


Blood Centers of the Pacific said...

Awww...that is so sweet. BTW, re the S-K-E-L-E-T-O-N recently unearthed, that's what the Kueblers did with their first daughter-in-law so watch your back! Kidding. I HEART the Kueblers!

wrekehavoc said...

too cute!!!! hope you're feeling great still :)

JCB said...

Thanks wreke. I *think* I'm starting to feel better. Quick--knock on something!