Monday, June 2, 2008

Proof (sort of)!

I realize things have been dormant here at EveryoneIsDoinIt for a few days, but I have a good reason. A really good reason. I've been camping. Yep, I said camping. Here is a picture of the tent we slept in:

Okay, okay. Brad and Zander stayed for two nights and I only stayed for one, but still. And fine, Brad did most all of the work, but at least I showed up. (Remember this post about how camping and me usually don't mix?)

The excursion was to Mason Neck State Park and Wildlife Refuge with a bunch of other families from Zander's preschool. Here's a photo of the view from the campground -- it was literally on the Potomac:

Was talking on the phone to our friends over at 4M (who also went on the camping trip), and she said they were at seven (7) ticks and counting -- and had poison ivy and poison oak. We've escaped with just poison ivy on Brad, although the amount of imaginary ticks I've found on my body and Zander's should count for something.

And here's a photo of the wild boar that I single-handedly caught and roasted for everyone:

(That's a joke, of course. I am not John Locke.)


Blood Centers of the Pacific said...

This reminds me of the time I asked my Mom why we went never camping as kids and she replied, "Oh honey, Jews don't camp."

Hysterical post, JCB.

Susan said...

booI always said that camping for me is a Holiday Inn. At this point in my life, it is a Marriott. The only good thing that I can even imagine about camping is that it is cheap. Where did you go for the continental breakfast?

Melissa and Peter said...

hmmm and I thought camping meant staying at a hotel that was not the Four Seasons!

JCB said...

Well, glad I'm in good company since my mother, cousin, and college roommate have all made anti-camping comments. As always -- thanks for the support guys.