Friday, June 13, 2008

Proving them wrong

A certain somebody who shall remain nameless (BRAD) often suggests that I see things as though the glass were half empty. My friend Laura prefers to call this personality trait "logical negativism," which sounds much better than pessimist, downer, or sour puss don't you think?

Regardless, this post here is to prove them both wrong.

  • My car didn't need $1,500 worth of work, it only needed $1,250. Whoo hoo!

  • Brad's car now has air conditioning again! It did not set us back $3,000 -- only $2,000. Whoo hoo!

  • I didn't gain 20 pounds in the first trimester of this pregnancy -- I only gained 12! So what -- it doesn't matter that you're not supposed to gain any during said time period. So what I tell you.

  • I haven't thrown up since Saturday. I haven't pooped either, but who's counting?


P.S. And here's one I forgot to mention earlier. Remember that camping trip where we thankfully escaped tick-free unlike most of the other families? A sigh of relief on that one since the next week Zander came home with only one little tick from school (they spend a lot of time outside in the woods). No matter if it was on his scrotum. Yes, that says scrotum. No matter at all.

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