Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Yummm. Popsicles.

There's not a lot of things that I don't do to excess, especially when it comes to food and pregnancy. My latest obsession is fruit popsicles.

It all started one hot afternoon when I looked around and noticed that all of the children had popsicles. What did they know that I did not? Now I'm on board. Here's a picture of the partial contents of the freezer in our garage:

It may appear excessive, but you just never know what flavor I might want and wouldn't it be a disaster if we didn't have said flavor in stock? If you add up the contents of those boxes alone, that's 84 popsicles. The most embarrassing part of the whole thing is my reasoning behind the purchase of this coconut cream version:

See, I bought these for Zander, hoping that he would love them and then stay away from the ones that I prefer. Yup, I am publicly admitting to trying to manipulate my child away from my favorite food. Alas, no luck. He tried one once, made a face, and then asked to trade for my lime popsicle. A bummer for sure, but lucky for me I have back-ups.

Let's keep our fingers crossed that I don't puke a popsicle. Once a few weeks ago, when I overdid it with the bacon-phase of pregnancy (which every nice Jewish girl goes through, I'm sure), the bacon sandwiches came back up, and it was c'est la vie bacon. I can't even look at the stuff anymore.


BCK said...

Clearly you have not tried the gourmet baconpop. Cold helps it go down, grease helps it come back up...

Ms. Mix & Bitch said...

O.k...maybe that's why you're MIA these days...you've got your face stuck in the freezer.

Step away from the fridge Jill...it only leads to brain freeze.

Seriously, I'm missing you, Zander, and Brad - and I'm emailing you get-together dates later today...