Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Air, Time, and a Good Question

Zander: "What is air?"


Zander: "But, we don't have enough time."
Me: "We have nothing but time."
Zander [insistent]: "Yes, we have something other than time!"
Me: "What else do we have?" [I was just curious to see what he would say.]
Zander: "Love."


Zander: "What happens if the baby [in your tummy] doesn't care for what you eat mommy?"


wrekehavoc said...

heheheh. so..er...what IS air?


JCB said...

I was afraid *somebody* might ask that. Brad actually answered and said something about it (air) being a mixture of gases, oxygen, carbon dioxide, etc. It was soon after the mention of gases that I started to picture the periodic table of elements and I fell asleep.