Friday, July 11, 2008

Jumping Rope

As part of an impromptu field trip of sorts, Zander's teacher took the children to a jump rope demonstration by the Baton Rouge Jumpers. They (the Jumpers) are in town on tour and staying near where the preschool is located. (Who knew that there even were "jumping" clubs and that they toured?) Anyway, Z's teacher captured the following video of Zander trying his hand at it...

And here's a still photo of our little jumping bean with the Baton Rouge Jumpers:

I've mentioned briefly before (here and here) about the unique school that Zander attends. The school is inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach to early learning and, as a result, incorporates a large amount of documentation of the children's work and daily activities. Children then reflect and comment on the documentation. This is how we end up with photos (and sometimes video) of Z.

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