Sunday, July 20, 2008

Vroom, Vroom!

Last weekend Brad spent a day doing "auto cross" (for the 2nd time). Basically, drivers navigate their cars one-at-a-time through a course marked with traffic cones racing against the clock (and other drivers). It's fairly safe (especially in comparison to his former hobby of skydiving, so I won't complain.) This is a photo of his car with numbers on it. Not sure why the numbers are needed, but it certainly made his car look official:

And this is is picture of another participant's engine. Whoo hoo! Doesn't it look impressive? (I'm joking there. To me it looks like, well, an engine.)

Finally, here's a photo of another car in action:


Ms. Mix & Bitch said... porn.

Yeah, I don't get it either, but whatever makes him happy.

JCB said...

True, true. Could be worse, I suppose.