Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Our Godson, Caden and a cake with a "t"

The little dude in the picture below is Caden.

Brad and I are honored to serve as one set of Caden's godparents. How did that come about you wonder? Well, our friends over at 4M did some research and apparently, it's okay to have Jewish godparents, as long as they swear to convert. KIDDING. KIDDING. Laura explains it all in her post about the baptism here.

Zander had all sorts of questions about the day, including whether or not he had been baptized. I told him that he had a "bris" instead, which is similar to a baptism, but for Jewish boys (although I left out one crucial detail.)

At the party after Caden's baptism, his grandmother presented a beautiful cake with a large cross. Zander was clamouring to get a piece as soon as he saw it and yelled, "I want a piece of the 't'! I want a piece of the 't'" Caden's mom gently turned around and said, "It's also called a cross."

We love you Caden and hope to do you proud.

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