Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Pregnancy Update (just what you always wanted)

Still puking now and then, but less than before. Rather annoying though.

My size has already reached epic proportions. I said to Brad last night, "I look nine months pregnant already!" He looked at my belly and then said, "No, maybe about six," trying to make me feel better. Gulp.

Tonight we're taking a two-hour class on "Birth Order and Sibling Relationships," hoping to solve any future strife between Z and new brother or sister before it starts. Yeah, right.

Sonogram in two weeks (or so) and we *might* find out the gender. Brad and I are still fighting about discussing it. I'm kidding there, really. Brad has agreed that -- if it's important to me -- we can find out this time. (It was important to him NOT to find out the last time.)


Susan said...

Maybe you and Janet can attend the class together.

wrekehavoc said...

some thing about 2nd pregnancies -- you get bigger, faster. don't know why that is. i practically started showing the minute i conceived ;-)

with BC, i wanted to know her gender -- and because the amniotic fluid was low, i had U/S EVERY SINGLE MONTH. and every single time, that child hid her bits. in my heart, i knew she was a girl.

with hellboy, well, i was an over-35 chick, so i had no choice but get that loverly needle in the belly. i knew, too, he was a boy before anyone told me.

in short: you prolly already know in your heart whether your baby is a boy or a girl ;-)

Ms. Mix & Bitch said...

You HAVE to write a follow-up about that class. I can only imagine your take on it being hilarious :-)