Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Pregnant-est

Zander frequently will say thinks like, "The oldest goes first" or "The person named Brad gets two hugs." We're rather used to it now. I was a little surprised, however, when he came running in for our usual bedtime book reading ritual on Tuesday night and said, "The pregnant-est girl gets to read two books!" Well, I guess that's me folks.

This conversation followed just minutes later, after reading a book called, When You Were Inside Mommy. (We're doing a lot of this kind of reading lately):

Zander: "Why don't babies be inside daddies?"
Me: "Why do you think?"
Zander: "Because maybe daddies are too old and they might have two babies or something."

And sticking with the same theme yesterday:

Zander: "Mommy, when will the baby hatch?"
Me: "Well, this kind of baby doesn't hatch. It actually..." [Interrupted by Zander.]
Zander: "No, it hatches."
Me: "Alrighty then. It will hatch in December." [Trying to dismiss images from the original Alien film.]

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Susan said...

You were hatched!