Friday, August 8, 2008

And thus, a euphemism is born...

We received two funny stories via e-mail from Zander's teacher. The first is below. Keep in mind that he attends a very small school which is run out of the director's home. I've added some context here and there in brackets for understanding.

On Friday, Andrew [an adult] comes in the door at 4pm and Zander is in the bathroom having a poop with the door cracked open. Zander sees him and says, "Hi Andrew! I'm making chocolate m&m's in my chocolate factory!"

Andrew says, "Oh! that's great!" and comes in and looks at me with a questioning look..." I explained that Zander meant that's what he was doing at the studio table BEFORE he started pooping in the toilet. (He was using jewels and cups and making "candies.)

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