Thursday, August 14, 2008

Maybe we're being too thorough

We've been talking about and reading lots of books about pregnancy and new babies in an effort to prepare Zander as much as possible for the shock he soon to experience. However, maybe we've been a little too thorough. See these recent reports from his school:

Story #1: The Uterus, the Womb, and the Seed

Zander's teacher: “Where do baby humans come from?”

Zander: “They are in a special place called the uterus and the womb. The daddy plants the seed. The question is…is there different kinds of seeds? I mean one seed that’s not the kind that can plant for the girl and different for a boy. That’s my question."
And he continued...
"I have another question. Why do mommies have the part in their tummy but daddy’s don’t? I have the answer. The daddies have the special seed, but not the special place for the babies. The cord goes to the mommies mouth. It’s to help the baby get food. The baby eats only the kind of food that they like. ”
Story #2: The Sperm in the Fox Den

This one is my favorite. (It is the 2nd of two stories mentioned in this post.) Apparently, the children were playing and pretending that they lived in a fox den. Zander's teacher overheard him say this:

"We're the daddy foxes and we have to give you our sperm so that you can have kits." [Kits are baby foxes in case you didn't know. I did not.]

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